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Originally from Seattle, WA, emerging artist, Siahna dominates with a rich, soulful voice that conveys the stories she shares through her lyrics. 

    Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice gave Siahna her opportunity to shine on a national level with the then 15-year-old songstress taking the stage as a member of Pharrell Williams' team, while being briefly mentored by Missy Elliot and Rihanna. Siahna says she wouldn’t change her experience on The Voice for anything as it taught her to cope with high-pressure situations and enabled her to grow as an artist. 

While attending university in Los Angeles, she spent every moment she wasn’t in the classroom performing around the city and collaborating with fellow artists. In 2020, Siahna independently released her EP “Innocence”, followed by her single, “Mother” a year later. In 2022, Siahna put more focus on songwriting and even had the opportunity to write toplines in English for Dutch BMG artists during her time living in the Netherlands. Now, living in between Washington State and Rotterdam, Netherlands, Siahna’s main focus has been on her yet to be released EP with producer Ben Cassorla. Merging Siahna's songwriting and Ben's musical production talent, these six tracks uniquely combine 90's rock and R&B mixed with pop and soul elements.

//  Origin:  Seattle, WA
//  Genres:  Soul pop
//  Years Active:  2013- Present
//  Website:
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"SIAHNA possesses all the qualities a fan of indie pop could want in an artist. She has a rich, soulful voice with loads of texture, and heartfelt, deeply personal lyrics that are wrapped and delivered in a bright, relatable, amiable stage presence.”
-Robin Fairbanks (Seattle Music Insider)
There's just something about Im that's instantly captivating.”
-Jessica Molinari (Bustle)
“Gwen Stefani turned her chair around seconds into Im's performance, squealing with delight as Im hit every note perfectly.”
-Shannon Carlin (Refinery 29)



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